Some of the testimonials from our customers, as it is marked on our guestbook.

  Mr. and Mrs. DAVID st Pierre Marie on 21410 Ouche: Come to the field of treasure is to live well being, warm welcome, exemplary comfort, warmth and tranquility. thousand thanks. christine and stone.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew BERTHOMIER 03300 CUSSET: The friendliness of the owners can only make you a pleasant stay in the field of treasure, warm, beautiful house, we will return. Friendship, André.

Mr and Mrs Jean Claude 77390 GASTON GUIGNES: Warm welcome owners, high quality cottage and a blameless cleanliness that makes you want to return. Arthur and Floriane have enjoyed the pool and games ainssi the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Lafon, had hoped to return .G and JC GASTON.

Mr and Mrs LAQERBERG DENMARK: We enjoyed our week in Auvergne, for our first visit in your area, but not the last, your house is of an exceptional standard. Thank you for your kind welcome. Brigitte LAQERBERK.

PHILIPPE family and GASPAILLARD 92700 DOVES: A warm welcome, a comfortable house, the Standing sun, everything was excellent and pleasant to spend a holiday in this beautiful area, great pool, just the field is a treasure édresse to know, still a big thank you Ginette and Rene.

Family and FOUCARD DUPONT 92400 Courbevoie: Lodges of exceptional quality is up to the owners that the methods manages. Warm, simple and easy instalation and impeccable equipment, we found that even the sun is strong, but with this pool of good quality and maintained we had a very good stay, everything was perfect as I expected when our telephone conversation and more people you are quite charming. We wish you long continuity, thank you for everything. friendly .the field of treasure and a beautiful gold mine there is a deep rest thanks to Mr and Ms Lafon. Daniel, Nathalie, Patrik Laura.

   Glavieux family Bruno 74580 ZIRY: We are delighted davoir discovered the Cantal with very nice tips in your house and thank you for your hospitality and your kindness as well as your house Sangria, memorable moment of a busy week that has allowed us to join us as a family, we'll probably one day you soon. Bruno, Emmanuelle Emilie, Cimdy, Sylvain Luc, Alex, Carole Didier Marie, Corinne.

    Family: NAERT, BATTREL, Larcher 80136 RIVERY: We were attracted by the house, landscapes, visits recommended by Mr. and Mrs. Lafon The reception is great thank them, thank you for the pot where we welcome discovered the local specialties.

   Mr. and Mrs. Francis LAURENT 4990 LIERNEUX BELGIUM: We had a wonderful holiday, the weather was beautiful the house still quiet, in perfect condition and very clean as in past years, thank you for the parsley foot hedges for salads, and your very useful advice here is already three years that we spend the holidays in your house and we go back next year, thank you and goodbye.

   Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Christine Redont 51110 BOULT on SUIPPE: A kind word, a very clean house space for all, always very welcome sympitique, service and advice very well, a little corner of paradise in the Cantal, Everything was done so that the holidays are going very well, and this would not have been the case, after three weeks of rest departure is close but no regrets, but will return for the third year, then soon, thank you to Ginette and René pending do not change your habits. Friends of the Marne .Christine, Eric, Quantin, Gaspard, Adrien.

  Mr and Mrs Jean Claude colt 29460 IRVILLAC: Your sense of your kindness Home, all in a wonderful part of life, housing an exemplary cleanliness, environment and region, The stars are greatly deserved pleasure for us to meet the next year, soon, Michelle, Jean Claude.

  Me and Mr CHURIN 14100 Lisieux: Congratulations to Ginette and Rene, warm, beautiful house argued a beautiful pool with a passionate René scout very good mushrooms, and merc for sending us all his knowledge on the cabinet restorations antique furniture and the right products, we will keep a very good memory, Calvados. CHURIN.

  Didier family PRIDOT 76270 MESNIERS in BRAY: Chez Ginette and René the cottage is quality if you come in the summer you can enjoy the pool and eat it without relying on the advice of the SevenSun cabinetmaker who gladly welcome you for an aperitif in the evening, in the Cantal and René Ginette we're not ready to forget. Prido family-TURPIN.

  Mr. and Mrs. Eric CALLOT PRUNAY 10350 BELLEVILLE: For the first in the Cantal, we found a friendly welcome in this rural landscape, the atmosphere of the house nice and very friendly, thanks to Ginette and Rene for the summer holidays and pot of friendship that allowed us to sympathize, thank you for your advice on the fungi that we have avoided intoxication. I promise we'll come back, good luck. Eric CALLOT.

  Mr and Mrs SCHOUVEILER 13090 AIX en PROVENCE: A very functional house, very clean, perfect for a good family vacation, the magnitude of the pool its high temperature baths made the evening very pleasant, the garden area ideal for children's games. thank you to the owners. Family SCHOUVEILER- MARTIN - cIAVASSA.

  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher VERMEERSCH 7782 PLOEGFTEERT BELGIUM: The area of the field of treasure door very aptly named, the cottage is a small treasure Verily comfort and well-being, remarkable for its cleanliness, maintenance provided by its owners and its warm side , thanks to Rene and ginette for their advice and their natural syimpathie.

  Mr and Mrs Alain BRIOT 88320 Serocourt: Chez Ginette and Rene's house and the welcome and tips are very good, superb exception region, far too short to go around; In conclusion, we return. BRIOT families and LECLERC, the Vosges and the Normans.

  Mr and Mrs Sermesant 1180 BRUSSELS BELGIUM: A big thank you for your warm welcome, Mombreux boards were very popular for exploring the region. Relaxation was complete with the sound equipment to the swimming pool of the house and garden, very pleasant environment, we penssons well return to this enchanting place Sermesant .F.

  Ms Edwige REY DEL-55800 CONTRISSON: We had a very good holiday, thank you for your hospitality, the cottage very comfortable, clean and very well arranged for all the peace and quiet before the recovery, tips about this very .to beautiful area soon no doubt. Franck, Hedwig, Lily.

ARM family Vaillant 62220 CARVIN: What about a very pretty house, well made, clean, pleasant, nice pool, thank you for the welcome, commonalities (love wood, judo, nature, music, setters, to thank you for the lovely bouquet ginette hydrangeas and thank you to reborn for guitar lesson. Roll on next year. northerners.

  Reynaut family-PEYROCHE 43120 MONISTROL on LOIRE: A very nice in a beautiful residence that has delighted both small and great, thank you for the master René places to stay his wise counsel, we will keep all a very good memory of this week vacancy field of treasure. 3 couples of friends in the Haute Loire.

  Mr. and Mrs. Pierre SOULIERE 01630 SERGY: The enthusiasm of Mr Lafon received the phone appears more in contact with the host, and thank you to Rene Ginette we are made to share the love of their country is too much trouble vacationers, mombeux advice very appéciables, finally we had a pleasant stay in this lovely place. Pierre, Ginette, Crhistophe, Veronica, Anthony.

  Mr Sylvie CHAUVET- Chatillon sur Chalaronne: A big thank you to you for your very warm welcome, sharing the good times (around the drop and wood) and this beautiful impeccable house where we just spent a few days too short ; big thank you to reborn for his passion for life and everything he knows, soon, Sylvie and Yves.

ARM-family Vaillant 62220 CARVIN: The evidence is that we go back next year! Although a perfect home, perfect deprived of his year so that the sun was generous, but the important thing is that thanks to your eforts we had a wonderful time with our children and friends pool. Ginette our thoughts acompagne you in the same way that I had not Oubea your birthday. René treated you well, Natacha ARM. From it's difficult you give us the chance to enjoy our children a great place for them and for us, the memories we made here we will keep warm until next year. Ginette and Rene take great care of you. Remember northerners because they will think well of you, I embasse you two, Isabelle Vaillant.

  Annie and Jean Salvat: What souvenirs to take a field trip to the Treasury, in a cozy and functional home, so a framework consistent with this green country, and of course the master of the place at the height thank you for the good advice, we had stayed and we come back, John and Annie Salvat.

  Mr Mrs Miss Mr laminar REMAUD- DABRETEAU- Mr Melle DROUIN- RETAILLEAU: We enjoyed the cleanliness of the house ainssi that space and security for children Recommended ballads were very pleasant, welcoming too short of wonderful holiday with beautiful weather. The Vendee.

  Sermesant families - VANWILDER, BELGIUM: Intoxicated by memories of 2010, it is with our friends that we are returned to the treasury fields, chickadees and finches have done our boheur: We also took advantage of the unlimited knowledge Mr Lafon on the area around Pleaux and notament small Marmots, the very beautiful time highlighted the landscapes crossed and allowed us to enjoy at any time of the day the cooling pool. The food was not to be outdone, complete with salad and tomatoes from the garden is a small gôut of paradise that we will report in Belgium. Sermesant family.

  Edith and Bernard PACCARD 74570 CROISY: These eight days field Verily Treasury have passed too quickly on the good advice of René we discovered a beautiful area. Your home, the beauty of the quiet, so much to discover and to find friends and family. We will definitely stay with their children for the present (Mac-Gyver Cantal) has not left us indifferants. Ginette thank you for his gentleness and kindness, René for his anecdotes. Edith and Bernard.

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